Golden Porridge with Ginger Pears and Prunes


Autumn is upon us. The days are blue and clear and still and the ocean is glassy. Its suddenly cold enough at night to wear socks and the air is dry. Its the first time in months and months that I can walk around the house without seeing and smelling mould that comes from the humidity and rains of the summer. Mohan is growing big and fast. When he feeds, he means bussiness. So after a big night of feeding, I wake in the morning famished. While Stefan, Bhumi and... Read The Rest →

Massaged Kale and Parsley Salad with Barbecued Squash and Eggplant and Tarragon Walnut Pesto


Firstly, I would really like to say the biggest thank you to everyone who has left beautiful comments and messages here. Im sorry Im so absolutely terrible at writing back to you all…each one means so much to me and inspires me in these busy times to keep writing new posts. Life is full and fast and the time I have to spend here is short. Sometimes I wish I could curl up inside a little shell and let the world go by for a few moments but there are... Read The Rest →

Mohan’s Moon


“So, what role do you want to play in the birth?” My midwife asked Stefan. “Oh…” He said, sitting back in his chair and folding his hands over his belly. “I dont need to do anything. Amy is the master birther…she doesnt need any help”. I smiled. At 38 weeks of my first pregnancy my waters broke late one evening. After waiting for three days and still having no sign of labor, Stefan and I surrendered our homebirth plans and drove to hospital. I went into labor on the spot... Read The Rest →

For my Beautiful Bhumi and Davidson Plum’s


My Beautiful Bhumi, Tonight the light outside is golden yellow. The day was heavy and hot and we spent the morning (now third or fourth in a row) swimming weightlessly in the deep, clear blue incoming tides of the ocean mouth. Your getting good at putting your face under and are fearless in the deep water as you hold onto my shoulders. You kick your strong and long legs and tell me to go under again. I have been outside laying my big belly in the last glow of light,... Read The Rest →

A Sacred Birthing Site and Florin’s Pecan Prince


I was only weeks pregnant when we went on a big family trip north, from Cairns and onwards to the Daintree Rainforest. It was short, but incredibly sweet…made especially so by the time we had to spend together, along with my dad and his amazing wife and family, in the ocean and in the forest. On arrival in Cairns our first stop was of course, the farmers market. We picked up fresh sugar cane juice blended with ice, lime, quince and mint and sipped as we swam through the thick, sticky, far northern... Read The Rest →

Since Summer Faded- A Bowl of Gracious Goodness


Today, well actually for the last week or so, there has been an excited feeling within me that we’r emerging out of the darkness of a long and uncomfortable winter. Its kind of laughable to write considering I live in a sublime, sub-tropical paradise…but like an animal waking out of hibernation I emerge rubbing my eyes and stretching my back as I squint into the gentle sparkle of spring. It’s here. Thank God. Before I bore you with a blog post that chimes of so many others I’ve read with... Read The Rest →

Corn and Herb Fritters with Mango, Chilli and Lime Chutney


Just before this time last year, we were planning our wedding. When we started making plans the weather was warm and dry. We decided on a simply ceremony in a forest of paper-bark trees and a reception at home. We set a date. I bought a dress. Hundreds of invitations were sent. And then the rainy season arrived with such intensity that the place where we planned to take our vows was flooded under five feet of water where we planned for people to park their cars near our driveway... Read The Rest →

Blueberries and Bunya Nuts


We didnt go away these holidays, but instead packed our bags with herbs and cress… You already know how much I love to go somewhere. But being home has been wonderful. It has given us time to relax… Time to eat…And time to play… It was around this time last year I made a post on green mango chutney. For many months now, mangoes have been dangling from the trees. We have been collecting them from our own land, as well as from trees growing wildly in our area. So... Read The Rest →

How to Grow Your Own Pina Colada Popsicles


I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, uplifting and happy Christmas. I had so many plans of things to share but the days leading to Christmas disappeared. Stefan’s brothers are here from Switzerland and we are having a break from working in the dread shed, completely closed down just to be with family, to garden, relax and catch up. Its peak summer. Days are long and hot (today it was 39 degrees in the shade). We spent Christmas morning on the beach. We swim every morning before it gets too... Read The Rest →

Girraween, Place of Flowers and a Zucchini Soup


In the soft blue light of a half moon night, disturbing her as little as possible, I run my hands over Bhumi’s soft round cheeks and forehead, cursing the calluses on my palms and fingers that seem to catch on her skin, almost as if they would  on a piece of fine silk. Sleeping, as beautiful as an angel, she doesn’t stir. In the recent weeks since she’s stopped breast-feeding herself to sleep it has become something to mark the end of each day. It only takes a moment, but... Read The Rest →

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